“We were glad to have come to Thailand!!” defspiral has created an impression live performance in 'J-Rockaholic PARTY 2017'


A great performance from defspiral, the J-Rock talented band that has come to Thailand for

the third time to performed live performance in J-Rockaholic PARTY 2017, a special event for

J-Rock lover in Thailand which was held at Rockademy Thailand.



The opening events on stage were Make-up Tutorial by‘HAJI’, the Hair and Makeup Artist specialize in

J-Rock Style following by J-Street Style and J-Rock Cosplay fashion shows by Cosplay Layers.

After that SCARLETTE, the new young blood Thai band was rocking the stage by covering X-JAPAN and GLAY

songs. During SCARLETTE live session MASATO, defspiral’s guitarist appeared on stage and joined in ‘Misery’

a song by ‘hide with Spread Beaver’ which surprised fans a lot.



       ‘KNO’ the Thai band that has been chosen to performed inThai Festival in Shizuoka for 2 years in a row

also rocked the stage by covering ‘LUNA SEA’ songs then another big surprise from ‘RYO’, defspiral’s bassist

who suddenly appeared on stage to joined in ‘Rosier’, an excitedly beat song by LUNA SEA.



     Next was ‘CRUX’ turn, another talented band that reunited after a break from the stage. Of course,

they did not disappoint the fans by rocked the stage from covering ‘L’Arc-en-Ciel’ and ‘VAMPS’ songs with

an impressive show from TAKA, the vocalist of defspiral to joined the duet in ‘Driver’s High’ by ‘L’Arc-en-Ciel’




Then it was the time for ‘defspiral’ the special guest that went on the stage and be greeted by the scream

from fans that have been waiting for their return to Thailand to perform the live session. This time ‘Hiroshi

Sasabuchi’ the former drummer of Plastic Tree the most well-known from 1990 Visual Kei era has joined this

event as ‘MASAKI’, the drummer of ‘defspiral’ was being sick. ‘defspiral’ has brought their great hit songs to

rock the stage such as ‘MASQUERADE’, ‘SILVER ARROW’, ‘SALVAGE’ including their new single ‘PHANTOM’

and ‘GAXALY’.






The showhas not ended its burning stage yet when ‘defspiral’ re-enteredon encore stage and invited the

members of Thai bands, ‘Nutzu’ (SCARLETTE) ,‘Joe’, ‘Nick’, ‘Plaa’ (KNO), ‘GREY’ (CRUX) to performed 'Rocket

Dive’ and‘Pink Spider’ the songs by hide with Spread Beaver, the deceased guitarist who remains the dear

beloved of J-rock fansall around the world.


 After the event TAKAand MASATOhave revealed their feelings about being the part of J-Rockaholic PARTY

2017 as following;

TAKA: It has been the third time to perform in Thailand. I was very grateful to have the opportunity to cross

over the border and the language barrier to perform on stage with Thai bands as well as sharing some great

moments with Thai fans. Unfortunately this time our band drummer could not join the event but I promised

next time the entire band members will come to Thailand to perform for sure. Thank you so much.



MASATO: It has been the third time to perform in Thailand. I was looking forward to have a chance to

perform with Thai bands. I had an opportunity to see those 3 bands live performances and I could

touch the love that every single fan has for Japanese bands, to be honest there performances were

really great. Unfortunately this time our band drummer could not join this event so we had to invite

other band drummer to performed but I think the live went well and everyone would be enjoy as

always. We will try our best to spend more times with Thai fans next time, if we have a chance for

holding live performance next time in Thailand we wish to see all of you again!



With those sweet words, will we have a chance to meet defspiral real soon? Stay tune!?




English Article by:  Rapeepat Sutaveesup

Photo by: J-Rockaholic PARTY Official Camera Team

Hiroyuki Ueno (defspiral's Official Camera)

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